Did You Know That In Barbados People Celebrate a national "Rihanna"….


Rihanna has made a name for herself ever since her first single Pon De Replay came out in 2005. Jay-Z himself thought the hit got such huge recognition that it would be Rihanna’s 15 minutes of fame and she wouldn’t be able to release anything that big again. Obviously, he was wrong.


Few years later the singer continued making hit singles and gained world-wide recognition. Her success made her a household name so huge that her home country Barbados announced a national ‘Rihanna Day’ in 2008. The star’s very own national holiday is on the 22nd of February, two days after her birthday.
When the acclaimed singer received the great honor, she flew back to her home country for a special concert. Nowadays the R&B singer has 238 awards out of 540 nominations, including Teen Choice and Grammy awards. Having in mind she started her glamorous career when she was just a teenager, she certainly has done some tough work on her way to becoming a present-day idol and a role-model for the masses.


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