Did you know that in California the "Ladies' night" is banned because it is…..


The “Ladies’ night” event is popular all over the world in clubs, bars and pubs. In every country’s nightlife there’s a “Ladies’ night” somewhere – annually, monthly or even weekly. Doors are open to all female clients free of charge, drinks are cheaper and the DJ plays requests by ladies’ choice. It all sounds pretty nice if you’re a female, but the government in some US states doesn’t think so. The promotional event is considered as unlawful and as gender discrimination because women are allowed to have discounts.


In the state of California the ladies’ night in clubs and the ladies’ days in carwashes are against the Unruh Civil Rights Act. The act states that all citizens are equal and free no matter of their gender. Maryland, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin also consider the ladies’ nights as being against the law.


The Dram Shop Act in Illinois also prohibits these events, although the Illinois court determined the ladies’ nights don’t really discriminate and discourage males to attend bars and clubs.


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