Did you know that in Mexico the act of escaping from prison is considered legal because…


Every human being wants to be free and desires freedom. Amazingly, this wish is fully recognized in Mexico. According to a law implemented in the 1930s escaping from a prison isn’t considered a crime and the legal system in Mexico doesn’t punish criminals who escape prisons while pursuing their freedom.


Though escaping is completely legal, each prisoner should obey laws while trying to get free because otherwise they will be charged. This means they shouldn’t damage property, bribe individuals, conspire with other inmates or injure people. If they somehow break the laws while escaping, their actions will be considered as a crime.


There isn’t any trusty and correct statistics about the cases of escapes but the media reports about numerous cases each year. For example, an inmate managed to get out of prison by showing a fake ID card provided by one of his visitors. A murderer escaped from a hospital where he had been taken for dental procedures.


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