Did you know that in the 13th century, in order to discover which language humans would speak naturally, Frederick II, emperor of Germany, placed…


This kind of language deprivation has occurred many times throughout history, in an effort to find out more about the effects that language has and where language comes from. However, thinking about it, to fully deprive someone of any language, requires them to have very little, to no human contact, which is actually one of the main concerns as no human contact can have undesirable effects.

Image Source: PIXABAY
Image Source: PIXABAY

A long time ago, an Egyptian pharaoh tried this kind of experiment and despite what he claimed to mean that the Phrygian’s predated the Egyptians, no conclusive evidence could be drawn, as it’s likely that in search of results, any words muttered were actually just the baby making baby noises.

Another such experiment was done to determine whether there is a ‘natural language’ and if so, what language would the new-borns speak, given to them through Adam and Eve by God. For this experiment, the nurses were allowed to do normal things with these babies, but to ensure they did not learn Hebrew, or any other language, were allowed no other interaction, including hand gestures, for this could be deemed as part of a language. Due to that the children could not live, this experiment was done in vain, as no results could ever be collected for it.


These experiments did not stop there however, and hundreds of years later, James IV conducted another experiment to investigate whether language was learnt or simply known, by having two children raised by a mute. Despite claims that the children grew up to be able to speak decent Hebrew, there was never any evidence to suggest this was definitely the case.

In fact, it eventually came to reason that you learnt to talk through hearing others speak, and so if anyone was raised without being able to hear others speaking, they would grow up to become mute.


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