Did You Know That In The Early 1900s There Was A Popular Female Bullfighter Who Was Banned From Bullfighting For Being A Woman But Revealed That He…


Women in bullfighting were a rarity in the past. Even in the 1930s women in bullfighting weren’t tolerated. The government thought it was immoral and even illegal for a female to be a toreador.


In 1900 La Reverte became one of the public’s most praised and adored bullfighters. Her success lasted for whole 7 years. In 1908 the government banned her from tauromachy, because they found it illegal since La Reverte was a female. However, Maria Salomé Rodríguez, as she claimed her name was, shocked the public once again. Only this time, it wasn’t with her skills.


Maria Salomé took off her wig and pants padding and showed the whole world she was actually a man, Agustin Rodriguez. Once the truth was revealed, the public no longer liked the bullfighter, although the government allowed Rodriguez to continue being a torero. He left Madrid and bullfighting in order to retire in Majorca. However, he did so under the name Maria Salomé.


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