Did you know that in the first "real-world transaction with bitcoin" a programmer paid 10,000 bitcoins for 2 large Papa John's pizzas…

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We’ve all heard of the untraceable online currency, which let’s be honest, most of us have very little use for, unless we’re doing dodgy online transactions, or we just want to be with the times…

On the 22nd May 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz decided a couple of Papa John’s pizzas would be perfect to satisfy his hunger. Buying these from another bitcoin user at the time, when bitcoins were fairly new, he paid 10,000 BTC (bitcoins) for these two pizzas. At that time, the exchange rate meant that this was about $25. Bitcoin inflation has been so extreme over these past 5 years, that’s now the equivalent of $5.12 million.

This isn’t the highest though, because the exchange rate has dipped a considerable amount since then, but in December, they would’ve been worth $11.47 million. I think we can safely assume that these would’ve been the most expensive pizzas – in history.

‘Bitcoin Pizza Day’ also allows us to remember the first real world transaction using the bitcoin currency, although bitcoins are still mostly used for online transactions only.


I myself have had the urge to buy something using bitcoins back then, as, at the time, 1 BTC was worth very little. I don’t think anyone had any idea what would happen, and I only wish that I’d bought some back then, so that I could’ve sold them now, for a fairly nice profit!

Due to this many companies are actually offering prizes and gifts to celebrate this single transaction. eGifter is giving away points to their customers who use online currencies to buy their pizza at the moment, and others are also selling pizzas at record low prices!

Although your pizza won’t be costing over $5 million dollars, with a glass of champagne and topped with caviar, you can only try!


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