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Did You Know That In The Victorian Era They Had Special Tea Cups Which Protected Men's….


Nicely coned and stiff moustaches were all the rage during the Victorian era. But since tea and coffee were also popular during that era gentlemen had a huge problem. They couldn’t drink from the cute small cups without getting their nicely done moustaches ruined.


The British potter Harvey Adams made a fascinating invention in the 1860s in order to help those gentlemen who wanted to look attractive even while drinking their tea or coffee. He invented “the moustache cup”. It featured a ledge on one side of the cup which prevented the ruining of the styled facial hair. The ledge, which was later nicknamed “moustache guard”, had a crescent opening through which the liquid would be sipped.


But why go through all this trouble? During the Victorian era, the moustache would be styled with a special wax. However, the wax would melt from the hot beverage’s steam and would therefore ruin men’s fashionable style. Furthermore, it would even result in dripping the wax into the tea or coffee cup. So now you see how these special cups made life so much easier for Victorian gentlemen.


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