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Did You Know That It Has Been Proven By Science That Your Cat Hates You Because….


The domestic cat is one of the most highly valued and popular animal companions that most people absolutely adore. Cats are lovable, endlessly entertaining and furry creatures. They also happen to be the most skilled vermin and rodent hunters in the household. All of the above are the primary reasons we love them.



But recently scientists discovered the feline companions actually dislike us a lot. Although we think of our cats as being the pets, in their heads it’s actually the other way around. Researchers in Tokyo discovered that cats could recognize their owner’s voice but this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll move a muscle. According to the research cats are loners who haven’t evolved enough to obey human commands.

Other interesting conclusion was that cats actually hate the one activity we think they love the most: cuddling. It actually stresses them out and they would do whatever it takes to avoid it. When a cat approaches you and brushes up against you, this does not necessarily mean it likes you. In the cat’s head it means that you are now its property because you have been marked with the cat’s scent.

Another slightly eerie conclusion made by scientists from the University of Sussex, UK was that cats can actually manipulate you intentionally. The cat makes that raucous sound of a purr in a combination with a high-pitched cry similar to human baby cries. The research concluded that cats are experts in making such sounds just to have their owner give them something. Usually food.


Last but not least, cats absolutely hate it when they are dirty. They clean themselves by licking not just to get dirt off but also to get rid off human smell as well. They consider us to be dirty and hate it when they reek of human.





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