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Back in the early 1980s, disposed and sticky chewing gum was littering the streets, housing and the public transport network of Singapore. The gum was in keyholes, on elevator buttons, on staircases, in the mail boxes, on the seats of buses and metro trains, on the streets – it was literally everywhere. It was polluting the country so badly that it was banned in 1992. The ban concerned not only chewing gum and throwing it away in public places, but also importing it from any other country by air, water or land. The fine for spitting gum on the streets of Singapore is $500.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Back in 2004 the ban’s strict policy was changed thanks to Phil Crane, a D.C. congressman. Ever since 2004 chewing gum can be imported to Singapore, but only if it comes with health benefits. Although the $500 fine hasn’t been lifted, residents of Singapore are allowed to chew gum if they’ve bought the product with a medical prescription.


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