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Did you know that it's legal for teachers in Florida to be drunk on…


You might find it hard to believe, but the laws in Florida state that it’s legal for a teacher to be drunk on the job.


Catherine Jones, a school teacher got suspended after she turned up at work so drunk that she was allegedly unable to stand up on her own. However, suspended was all Jones got to be, since it turned out there was no actual law or rule against drinking while teaching. The police officers at the Sheriff’s department were more than baffled when they realized they weren’t authorized to arrest or charge Jones for her actions, since she hadn’t done anything against the Florida laws. According to official reports, no Florida law bans Okeechobee public teachers to drink while they’re on the job. And even though it only stands to reason, Jones still decided to show up drunk and give a wrong example to the schoolchildren.


The woman is still yet to be charged for her actions. The reports state that the suspended teacher didn’t even undergo a Breathalyzer or any other type of sobriety test.


Written by Patrick Bennet

I have been working as a teacher my whole life. I love reading books.

I love writing about all kind of different and interesting facts. It's not only exciting, but I learn something new every day. What I learn I share it with you guys. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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