Did you know that it's possible to travel into the FUTURE, but first you have to…


For decades over decades people from all around the globe have been trying to create a time machine or find a way to travel through time. Nowadays it’s finally possible to travel into the future. Actually, it has been possible for quite a while.


The Einstein’s theory of relativity states that the laws of physics are bendable in such ways that time passes differently in outer space in comparison to the one on planet Earth. In other words, a person in outer space can travel for a minute, but on Earth that would mean he has stayed there for 4 years. In other words, time moves slower in outer space. Our astronauts have actually travelled through time. According to reports, travelling in outer space with 18,000 mph for a year means you would return on Earth in the future. However, that future would be just a tiny fraction of a second.


The current world record holder for time travelling is being held by Sergei Krikalev. He was in outer space for 803 days and returned to our planet 0.02 seconds into the future.


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