Did You Know That J.K. Rowling Posted A New 2,400 Word History Of The Quidditch World Cup On Pottermore And …


The 48-year-old J.K. Rowling became an world-renowned author after she introduced the world to her first best selling novel Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone back in 1997. Since her initial success Rowling authored 6 more books featuring the adventures of the young wizard Harry Potter.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

One of the best and adored sports that made Harry Potter a huge success was also the fictional game of Quidditch depicted in a creative way in not only in the books but in the movies as well. After the final chapter of the wizardry saga ended in 2007 with Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows, J.K. Rowling is now delighted to publish the new extensive essay about the “History Of The Qudditch World Cup”.


The author recently published a new digital 2,400 word essay only for the Potter fans on  What is even more great is that a second part will be added a week later. The first part of the Quidditch history features details about the general background of the tournament as well as a story about a match played in the Ryn Desert in Kazakhstan in 1877 known as the “Tournament That Nobody Remembers”.


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