Did you know that Jackie Chan has revealed he is planning on donating…..


The star from the blockbuster “Rush hour” announced at an award ceremony in 2011 that he would donate his fortune to charity leaving his son Jaycee penniless. Jackie has already made his mind about his will : when he passes away, he will leave everything to charity.
When asked to comment on the matter, Chan said that if Jaycee is a capable man he will make his own money, otherwise he will just waste his father’s. He expressed his regret that he did not sign up his son to the army to soften his temper. Chan’s son has started his own career in the entertainment industry, after having a luxurious childhood.

Lately, new internet rumour about Jackie Chan circulated quickly saying that the Star had passed away due to a heart attack. Even Will Smith got fooled by the information and expressed his mourning for Chan’s untimely death. Twitter was taken over by messages such as  #RIP Jackie Chan. The 56-year-old actor promptly dismissed the rumours with a Facebook post assuring his fans that he was alive and feeling well. He also joked with the situation and commented that he wasn’t dead, but his schedule was so busy that he might be worked to death soon. Jackie also said that instead of gossiping, the media should shift their interest to public services and charity cases, which would be of a much greater value.

Chan is working on charity cases to provide relief for the Japanese people, who are suffering the consequences from the tsunami wave and earthquake in 2011. He is enthusiastically organizing  fundraiser in support of the victims left without homes and provisions.


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