Did You Know That Jackie Chan Is The Most Hated Celebrity On…


Jackie Chan original Chinese name is Chan Kong-sang and he was born on 7th of April 1954. He is famous worldwide for his impressive movies featuring him doing his own trademark martial arts routines. His stunts are often very comic and he often uses a variety of objects as improvise weapons. Chan has appeared in more than 150 films during his 40 years in the film making industry.

In August this year the Chinese world-renowned martial artist enraged the Chinese-speaking world with his outrageous comments on sensitive topics. He received over 7,000 odious comments on the social platform Weibo (a popular Chinese hybrid of Facebook and Twitter) just for sharing his outrageous opinion on Beijing’s beautiful blue skies.


For the uninformed, there is nothing wrong with discussing the blue skies over Beijing. However, claiming the severe air quality problem that faces one of the most densely populated cities in the world does not exist is kind of scandalous.


On another instance Jackie earned the rage of the Chinese cybernauts by publicly defending the suppressive regime of the ruling communist party. He stated he believed the Chinese people did not deserve the freedom the citizens of Hong Kong and Taiwan had. According to him, both countries were huge messes anyway. With these obnoxious comments he not only earned the hatred of the Taiwanese and the Honk Kong people but of the entire Chinese-speaking world as well.


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