Did you know that James Cameron is making 4 Avatar…


The notorious James Cameron is going to make not 3, but a total of 3 Avatar sequels!

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

If there’s one thing James Cameron is truly great at, it’s shocking everybody – from his loyal fans to even the most uptight movie critics! And now he has done it again!


The 61 year old director has just announced that instead of creating the initial 3 sequels of his blockbuster Avatar he will make a total of 4 movies following the extremely successful fantasy hit from 2009. It should come no surprise that Cameron won’t be simply directing the 4 sequels – the Academy Award winner is actually working as the brains behind the screenplays as well as the main producer of the projects. What’s surprising, however, is the way Cameron wants to direct them. During an interview he had with Famous Monsters of Filmland the 61 year old genius stated that he will be shooting all 4 movies simultaneously. This means that Cameron will be filming Avatar 2, 3, 4 and 5 all at the same time!
So, how would this even be carried out? The director explained that the scenes based on the scripts for the movies will be shot one after another not in a consecutive order in between a couple of years, but all at once. In his own words, Cameron, the cast and the rest of his crew could be filming a scene from Avatar 5 the first day and then on the next they could be filming scenes from the first sequel. To simplify it, Cameron explained that the process of filming the 4 sequels would be as though he would be filming a mini-series and not four separate full-time movies. The release dates for the projects are set as following: Avatar 2 – 2018, Avatar 3 – 2020, Avatar 4 – 2022, and Avatar 5 – 2023.


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