Did you know that James Scott survived for 43 days in the Nepalese mountains on nothing but…


James Scott, an Australian adventurer, underwent near-death experiences each day for a period of 43 days when he was only 22 years old. Back in 1991, James was acing his medical exams in university, was about to marry the girl of his dreams and was preparing for a trekking trip in Nepal.

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Unfortunately, things took an unexpected turn while James was hiking with his friends in the Nepalese mountains. He got lost and was trapped by heavy snow. He didn’t have much with him – several layers of clothing, a sleeping bag, four books and a first aid kid. He also had two bars of chocolate, which he ate in the first two days after he got lost. He spent a total of 43 days trapped in a snow storm eating nothing but snow. He was dehydrated, his body was weakened, and there were no edible plants to be seen.


A caterpillar, two bars of chocolate, tons of snow and incredibly high spirits managed to save his life. He was found by a search party and survived to write a book about his adventure.


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