Did You Know That James Woods Reported The Four Terrorists Of 9/11 Before…


James Woods, the “Once Upon A Time in America” star, was lucky enough to fly with 4 terrorists from the 9/11 attack and still walk on Earth. In August 2011 the actor was flying from Boston to Los Angeles on a six-hour flight. While he was minding his own business in first class something caught his attention – four very suspicious men who were sitting near him. According to Woods, they never ordered any drinks or food, nor spoke to anybody from the staff or the other passengers. All they did through the whole six-hour flight was to whisper heatedly as if they were plotting something.

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After Woods got off the plane he reported the strange behavior of the four men to the airport’s police. Woods’ information reached even the FBI but nobody took it seriously. Two weeks later the attacks took place. Numerous interviews followed by the FBI and Woods was questioned several times. He was able to identify two men from the infamous hijackers of the 9/11 attack as part of the group on the plane.


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