Did you know that Janet Jackson has throat…


Janet Jackson is suffering from throat cancer on her vocal cords!

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Back in October Janet Jackson had to cancel some dates on her Unbreakable tour due to some health concerns. And now it appears that the 49 year old singer and actress is suffering from something more serious that we could have imagined – cancer.

In December Jackson took her sorrows to the social media and announced that she was going to have to cancel the upcoming dates for the tour once again. This time she gave a bit more information and stated that her doctors had told her she was going to need a surgery – hence, the cancellation of the tour dates. Jackson also said that fans shouldn’t be in a hurry to ask for a refund, since all cancelled dates will get rescheduled and those, who have already bought tickets, will have a grand surprise waiting for them. Janet claimed she wasn’t going to comment on her sickness any further, but a source, who is allegedly close to the singer and actress, quickly informed the media on what is actually going on with her.


Apparently, Jackson is battling throat cancer. The surgery she has to go through is intended to remove a tumor, which has formed on her vocal chords – a real nightmare for any person out there, let alone for somebody, who’s making their money singing. On the other hand, Janet doesn’t really need to tour in order to make a living. Her net worth has been reported to be over $175 million and her third and current husband, Wissam Al Mana, isn’t short on money as well. Al Mana is the owner of a conglomerate based in Qatar and it reportedly brings him the whopping annual revenue of $1.5 billion. In other words, fans of Janet shouldn’t worry about her throat cancer – she has the financial ability to get the best doctors in the world.


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