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Did You Know That Jared Leto Once Had To Survive On Food Stamps Because….


Jared Leto was one of the winners during this year’s Academy Awards. The talented actor received an Oscar in the category Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the movie ‘Dallas Buyers Club’. After being presented with the award Leto immediately thanked his mom Constance who was also his date to the most glamorous event of the year.


Not many details about Leto’s childhood and upbringing have been made public until recently as the actor is very private about his life. However, during his speech at the Oscars he made a few hints indicating that his childhood was rather tough but thanks to his mom’s love and support he managed to overcome incredible odds. Constance was a 19-year-old high school dropout when she had Jared and had no one to lean on. What is more, she was already taking care of Shannon, Jared’s older brother, all by herself. The family was so poor that sometimes they had to survive on food stamps and didn’t even own a TV. But Constance always supported her children and knew that one day they would achieve something amazing. At the Oscars, Jared proved her right.


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