Did You Know That Jay Z And Beyonce Are Staying Vegan Until Christmas Because…..


The rapper announced his decision to take a completely vegan challenge in early November. Reportedly, Jay Z was inspired by a close friend who is also vegan or, as the rapper himself prefers to call it, plant-based. According to the rap star he just wanted to find out whether he could do it but it turned out it was no trouble for him. What is more, his famous wife, Beyonce Knowles, decided to join him and go vegan until Christmas as well. She has posted photos of herself showing that the new eating regime has been really beneficial for her shape.


The couple recently celebrated Jay Z’s 44th birthday, a very special and spiritual date to him, by having a vegan dinner at an organic restaurant in LA. Both Jay Z and Beyonce ordered vegetable salads but indulged themselves in chocolate pudding for dessert.


The rapper also shared he sees the whole vegan thing as both spiritual and physical challenge. Come Christmas day, he is going to decide whether to stay vegan or not.


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