Did you know that Jellyfish evaporate in the sun as they're…


Jellyfish can be quite disgusting and horrific or mysterious and captivating – either way they are one of the oddest creatures living in the ocean.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

The jellyfish’s body is basically constructed of 98% water. They have six basic fragments that form the body – tentacles, an orifice, a multi-functional gastrovascular cavity, a middle jelly called mesoglea, a gastrodermis and an epidermis. These planktons don’t have a heart, brain, eyes, bones or other vital organs most creatures on our planet need in order to function normally. The jellyfish uses its tentacles for fighting off potetial enemies and also to navigate and maneuver under the surface of the water. Their simplicity is one of the main reasons they are so fascinating to marine biologists and scientists.


Because the jellyfish’s body contains so much water, it appears transparent. It’s also the reason why they can’t survive on dry land. If the jellyfish is left on the land in direct sunlight the water in its body will evaporate and the jellyfish will die. 


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