Did You Know That Jennifer Lawrence Almost Choked To Death At…


Jennifer Lawrence, one of the youngest and most successful actresses in Hollywood up to date, almost lost her life in a scary movie sequence. The accident happened when the star was involved in the production of “The Hunger Games” sequel and terrified everyone on set that day.


It all happened during the filming of a particular scene of the movie in which Lawrence’s character Katniss is leading a big group of people. They are all planning to stage a massive rebellion and as they are walking through a tunnel it suddenly begins to fill up with smoke. The smoke needed to be just enough so it creates the illusion of fire but something else happened instead.

A special machine that creates the fog malfunctioned and began to produce thick and blinding smoke. All the actors and stuntmen inside the tunnel disappeared from sight and only their intense coughing and gagging could be heard.


After the assistant director ordered everyone to stop filming he screamed for the machines to be shut down. Eventually, a rescue team entered the tunnel and escorted safely Jennifer Lawrence out. She suffered from nausea and was a bit shook up from the dreadful experience but was not badly harmed.


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