Did you know that Jennifer Lawrence blamed the lack of al…


Jennifer Lawrence is known for her swearing, finger flipping and talking about her drinking experiences while receiving high-profile awards such as the Academy Awards. During the 2014 Golden Globes, she failed to fall down on the stairs or to swear, but she just couldn’t step on the stage without speaking about alcohol.


The 23 year old actress obviously doesn’t have stage fright, although her speech was considered as shaky and poor. Lawrence received the award for Best Supporting Actress in American Hustle. She told the media that she wasn’t able to speak normally, because of the lack of alcohol, adding that she didn’t have the time to drink at least a glass of wine. Of course this was better than telling them about how many shots she has drunk before attending the ceremony, like she did after the Academy Awards last year.


Lawrence attended the ceremony with Nicholas Hoult, her on-again boyfriend and co-star. The two will appear together in X-Men: Days Of Future Past this year.


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