Did You Know That Jennifer Lawrence Got Drunk On The Oscar…


Yes, the title is right. Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars and won the golden statue. However, she didn’t do so quietly.
Climbing over the steps to the stage, Jennifer tripped on her long dress and flew forward for a second. Jennifer herself told the press (and the whole wide world for that matter) that a certain swear word was what came to her mind during her fall. What exquisite manners! Way to go!


Not only that, the actress admitted she was a bit drunk and even had a shot. It’s not clear if it was vodka, tequila or something else, but the result was clear – a drunken role model.
And if that isn’t enough embarrassing for one evening at the celebrated Oscar ceremony, let me point out that the 23-year-old actress decided to flip her middle finger up towards the press at the backstage conference. Yes, Jennifer, you sure are number one!


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