Did you know that Jennifer Lopez hates being called…


Jennifer Lopez apparently hates the label “diva”, which the media is using to describe her.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

The 46 year old grew up in The Bronx and always dreamt of having her personal fancy apartment. Just last year she bought her own apartment in NYC and for the first time felt like she had indeed made a super successful career and a name for herself. Lopez shared this and many more details in a recent interview she gave for The Hollywood Reporter.


One of the subjects she addressed was the fact that she gets called a diva – or even worse, “the diva”. The On The Floor hit singer stated that it’s something she absolutely hates being called, because she doesn’t deserve it. The singer and actress arrives for her gigs and meetings on time, works hard to satisfy her fans and to live up to their expectations and does everything in her power not to come out looking and acting as somebody, who is taken head over heels by her fame. She shared that the label came after she started expressing her opinion, showing people that she’s passionate on numerous topics and that she wants to stand her ground and stand up for herself. According to her, that’s how people started calling her a diva. Jennifer believes that everybody is entitled to their opinion, especially successful females, but she still hates the fact that many people see her as a bubble-headed diva in the music and movie industry. And while she has been around for quite some time (her first studio album came out in 1999 and her first very acting role was back in the distant 1986 in the drama My Little Girl), she doesn’t feel like people are allowing her to have an opinion without slamming her with unflattering labels.


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