Did You Know That Jennifer Lopez Is Addicted to…


It’s hard to believe that our favorite celebrities aren’t perfect. Somehow we’ve come to believe the perception that Hollywood glamour equals perfection.
It might come as a shock, but Jennifer Lopez admits that she loves eating junk food. The world-renowned actress and singer, famous for her dance moves and her body’s voluptuous curvy proportions,  isn’t afraid to tell the world she loves unhealthy food.


Lopez says she eats at McDonald’s from time to time, indulges herself with chocolate and eats other carbs. Somehow that doesn’t affect her career or the fact that she’s still considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. How does she manage to stay on top? She explains that whenever she has a new movie or music project coming up, she starts working out harder and backs off from the unhealthy temptations until she has some time off to indulge her cravings.
J Lo believes that if she’s careful enough, there’s no harm in enjoying any kind of food.


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