Did You Know That Jim Carrey Has Finally Graduated….


Actor Jim Carrey recently graduated from the Maharishi University of Iowa. He gave an inspiring speech before receiving his honorary degree doctor honoris cause in fine arts. The 52-year-old comedian told all graduates that he decided to accept the chance and do what he wanted when his father lost his “secure” job.

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Carrey showed a totally different and more serious side of himself while giving his speech. He shared with the young graduates the following : many of us choose their path in life leaded by fear dressed up as practicality. Carrey also shared that his father might have been a great comedian but he chose the more conservative field of accountancy. However, when Carrey’s father was fired from his secure job the family struggled to survive. It was then when Carrey decided to follow his dreams and devote his life to comedy. The actor also stated that money and fame haven’t brought him happiness but fulfilling his dreams has.




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