Did you know that Joan of Arc’s ring is going up for…


A ring belonging to the legendary Joan of Arc is going up for sale on an auction.

Image Source: DAILYMAIL
Image Source: DAILYMAIL

An interesting item believed to have been in the belonging of Joan of Arc will be displayed at an auction in February this year in London, UK.

The ring in question is a massive antique ring, which dates back to the 15th century. It’s believed that it’s the same ring Joan described during the fateful trial, which eventually ended in her execution. The jewelry piece is engraved and matches the legendary heroine’s description of a ring she used to have. It was given to her by her parents and it’s linked to King Henry VII. The ring bears the engraving of 3 crosses and the writing “Jhesus Maria”. The original item, which was described by Joan, was made from brass or gold.


The chief executive of Timeline Auctions, the organizers of the auction, Brett Hammond, believes that the ring is the real deal. He claims that the fact that it resembles the description in so many ways can’t be just a coincidence. Mr. Hammond claims that the auction house is “privileged” to be able to auction off such a historical item, especially given the fact that it belonged to Joan of Arc. Once named as a heretic and a rebel, for which she was burned at the stake, nowadays she’s considered as one of the very few acclaimed French heroines and is being seen as a saint.

The ring will be sold at an auction in February and it will be accompanied by a beautiful oak casket upholstered with violet velvet and an official document, which certifies its origin. The officials at the auction house believe Joan of Arc’s ring will be sold for at least £10,000 ($14,800 in USD).


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