Did you know that Joan Rivers’ doctor took a selfie DURING her…


Not only was this doc incredibly tactless, but he also made headlines for his insolence!

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

According to official reports, Joan Rivers died from a cardiac arrest that happened during a completely unplanned biopsy. Her personal medical expert, who’s reportedly a nose, throat and ear specialist, was performing the biopsy when the 81 year old actress and comedian passed away. As it turns out, her doc was not only incapable of reviving his patient, but he also took a selfie DURING the procedure and while she was still unconscious! The reports claim that the guy wasn’t accused of doing anything wrong during the biopsy, which took place at the Yorkville Endoscopy. The co-owner of the center, Dr. Lawrence Cohen, is no longer serving as the medical director of the clinic.


Even though the two doctors didn’t receive any charges from the New York’s government, Joan’s daughter is considering filing a lawsuit against the medical center and the doctors that were present at the unplanned procedure.


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