Did You Know That Jodie Foster Was Born Three Years After Her Parents'….


The Oscar winner Jodie Foster hasn’t always been the bright shining star she is now. Born in Los Angeles on November 19th 1962, she wasn’t even planned by her parents.


Her mother Evelyn Ella “Brandy” Almond and her father Lucius Fisher Foster III divorced three years before Jodie’s birth. Foster was a real estate broker and came from a wealthy background. He left his wife with three children – Cindy, Connie and Buddy. Jodie’s mother worked as a film producer in order to support her family. In 1962 Evelyn visited Lucius in order to ask him for child support and they ended up conceiving Jodie. The baby was born under the name Alicia Christian Foster but her siblings nicknamed her Jodie and later she started using the nickname officially.


Over the years Jodie worked hard in order to become the household name she is now. She already had more than fifty roles before she went to college. Her Hollywood success came with her role in ”The Silence of the Lambs” where she plays FBI agent Clarice Starling.


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