Did you know that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have issued a public apology for smuggling…


A short video of Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard is going viral after the couple issued a public apology to the authorities for smuggling their own dogs in Australia last year.

Image Source: METRO
Image Source: METRO

The 52 year old actor was filming the fifth installment of Disney’s popular Pirates of the Caribbean franchise – Dead Men Tell No Tales, when his wife Amber Heard went to visit him on set in Australia back in May last year. Heard brought the couple’s two Yorkshire Terrier dogs Boo and Pistol with her on Depp’s private jet oblivious to the fact that this would cause her and her husband quite the headaches. As it turns out, Australia’s strict laws forbid the importation of any animals without a special permit. Heard didn’t acquire the permit and basically smuggled the doggies into the country without checking if it was allowed. As a result, the Australian government gave Depp and Heard two options – put their dogs to sleep or flee the country immediately. Boo and Pistol were sent back home to the US, but Heard and Depp still had to face some nasty consequences.


Jail threats and hefty fines were just some of the outcomes and now, a year after the incident, the case has finally been resolved. Heard and Depp appeared before a court in Queensland, Australia, and pleaded guilty of smuggling the canines illegally into the country. The 30 year old Amber could have been put behind bars for up to 10 years, but the judge decided to let her off the hook with a $1,000 fine and a promise to behave better. Amber and Johnny issued a public apology while they were still at court in the form of a short video. The recorded footage, which is 42 seconds long, shows a very tired and gloomy looking Johnny Depp sitting next to his wife as she’s apologizing for his actions. During the apology the actor and his wife stated that protecting Australia’s biodiversity was extremely important and while their laws are hard, they are meant to be followed.


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