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Did You Know That Johnny Depp Is Believed To Be A Distant Cousin Of …..


A genealogical research revealed that Hollywood star Johnny Depp is related to Elizabeth II, the queen of Britain. The ‘Pirate of the Caribbean’ and the British monarch are actually 20th cousins. Depp’s ancestors became related to the royal family through a marriage that took place back in the 1600s.


Dr. Nick Barrat, a researcher, made the connection while digging into the Hollywood star family tree who were migrants from the United Kingdom. Depp himself was born in 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky but one of his family tree branches descends from Lady Margaret Percy Gascoigne and Sir William Gascoigne. Margaret Percy was a descendant of King Edward III which shows a clear connection between Depp and Elizabeth II. Lady Percy was also a direct ancestor to George Washington which makes Depp related to the first President of the United States as well. The actor himself has often claimed that he is of Cherokee descent on his mother’s side.


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