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Did You Know That Johnny Depp Is Descended From The First African Woman To….


Johnny Depp is an acclaimed actor, famous for projects such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands, The Lone Ranger, Blow, etc. The American actor, born in Kentucky, is also famous for his English roots, although members of his family up to his great-great-grandparents who were natives of  Kentucky, USA.


What you probably don’t know, though, is that Johnny is of English, Irish, French, Scottish, Dutch, Welsh, African, Belgian, German and Powhatan Native American ethnicity. In 2002 he told the media he was a mixture of Irish, German and Cherokee descent.


Nicketti Opechancanough’s ancestry (Depp’s nine times great-grandmother) make him 2/2048 Powhatan Native American descent. Another one of his eight or nine times great-grandmother, Martha, makes him of 3/2048 African ancestry. Martha, who was born in 1612, gave birth to Elizabeth Key, who later became a slave. In 1656 Elizabeth took legal action to free herself from slavery. She remains in history as the very first African woman to legally gain freedom from slavery.

Looks like Depp isn’t the only one in his family with notable actions.


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