Did you know that Josie Cunningham plans to get an abortion just to…


A wannabe celebrity and glamor model is planning to have an abortion just so she can boost her career. The infamous Josie Cunningham, who became an Internet sensation last year after tricking the NHS into helping her become a glamour model, has landed in the headlines again – but for the wrong reasons. 23 year old Cunningham has made sure the whole world knows she wants to become famous.


In to her own words, she wants to drive a bright pink car, have a huge house and be recognized as a celebrity. But the path to stardom turned out to be bumpier than Josie thought it would be when she became she got pregnant. At first she was excited, even though she wasn’t sure who the father was. Then she realized that having a baby might stall her career for at least a year, after negotiations to enter the Big Brother house broke down when Channel 5 learned of her pregnancy. So, she decided to have an abortion in order to enter the house and boost her chances of becoming a celebrity.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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