This Girl Woke Up From Coma Right After The Doctors Started To Remove Her Organs For Donation

Around 500 people unsigned their names from the organ donor register in Denmark after they learned 19 year old Carina Melchior’s case.

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Earlier this month Carina Melchior was declared brain dead after she suffered a car accident. She was accepted at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark. After the doctors told her parents that there was nothing else that could be done for Carina, they agreed to turn off the respirator and donate her organs. However, just as the doctors started harvesting the girl’s organs, she made an unusual recovery. The story broke out on the news and became an instant sensation. The hospital was declared as anything but appropriate for a medical institution and Carina’s story drove around 500 people to the decision to take their names off the Denmark’s donor list.

The hospital stated that the incident was one of a kind and that this was just a genuine mistake. However, a Danish tabloid broke out the news about another similar case, which occurred in the same hospital in 2002.

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