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Did you know that Justin Bieber announced that he's quitting his…


Yes, the title says it right. Justin Bieber, the 19 year old pop sensation, which is adored by teenage girls all around the world, is about to break millions of hearts.


The pop star recently gave a radio interview hosted by Kurt Alexander (Big Boy), during which he announced he’s going to retire next week. Bieber’s words shocked the whole world when he said he would retire after his album’s premiere next week. Of course, the radio host didn’t bother trying to hide his unbelief, so Bieber tried to explain his decisions, thus, shocking the world even more than before. He told the host he didn’t enjoy fame anymore and wasn’t happy with his music. And this comes from the mouth of that 19 year old boy, who’s covered in tattoos, involved in underage drinking, reckless driving and rampage parties. Bieber explained that he’ll be taking a break from music and it will probably be a permanent one.


By the looks of it, the only thing Bieber is going to sing to his teenager fans is a cover of Cry Me A River…


Written by Patrick Bennet

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