Did you know that Justin Bieber cancelled Meet and Greet sessions, because his fans are leaving…


Justin Bieber is cancelling Meet and Greet sessions from his tour, because he claims his fans and the sessions are leaving him “drained and unhappy”.

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter

The 22 year old singer kicked off his Purpose tour on the 9th of March this year. It’s the first tour Bieber has went on for the past 3 years and it started out as a disaster when it was revealed that the word Purpose had been misspelled on all of the official merchandise. And by the looks of it, things aren’t improving for Canada’s bad boy and his fans.


Bieber used social media to announce that he has cancelled the Meet and Greet sessions for his tour. It takes place on a total of 114 gigs in various locations in Europe and North America. Fans from all over the world bought passes for the Meet and Greet sessions that were advertised as the “Ultimate #Purpose Experience”. The passes allegedly cost between $350 and $2,000 and now Bieber has cancelled them, because the meetings are reportedly leaving the pop singer “drained and unhappy”. Bieber stated that meeting up with fans and living up to their expectations is draining not only his energy, but is also making him depressed, so he claimed he would rather focus on presenting them with a good show rather than meeting with them in person. Bieber also stated that he would hate to disappoint his fans, but he would rather bring his attention to the music. The 22 year old, who focused on getting into trouble for the past 3 years instead of following his career, apologized to his fans for the cancellation, but didn’t mention anything about possible refunds of the Meet and Greet passes and neither did his representatives.


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