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Did you know that Justin Bieber desprately tried to get ba…


Justin Bieber is trying to get saved. According to several Page Six sources, he’s seeking Jesus’ help after a long series of fails, including driving accidents, troubles with neighbors and drug abuse scandals.


According to Page Six, Bieber was desperate to get baptized since he needed a break from his reckless behavior and some help from a higher power. So, Bieber went on a hunt for a private Manhattan pool earlier this February. Bieber wanted to receive a cleansing baptism from the Hillsong Church NYC and to get a clean slate. But apparently luck and faith weren’t able to help him, because his plans for the cleansing ritual failed after he was unable to book a private pool for the ceremony. Furthermore, the teenager faced further denial, as he was cut off from accessing four Super Bowl parties and wasn’t allowed to go into an unnamed club.


According to Celebuzz, the Canadian star bought brand new phones for two fans last weekend after he ran into them at a New York Apple store. Is Bieber really trying to change? Or is this another way of getting into the headlines?


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