Did you know that Justin Bieber dyed his hair…


Justin Bieber is making the headlines again, but this time he hasn’t done anything shameful or illegal – in fact, he just dyed his hair in a pastel purple shade.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

The 21 year old pop sensation, who became one of the most hated Canadians of our time in recent years, released a series of nearly naked selfies on his Instagram and showed off his brand new hairdo. A few months ago Bieber dyed his hair platinum blond and shocked everybody with the sudden change in his image. Earlier this January he went for something even more extravagant – pastel purple!


Bieber first showed off his new hair color on Instagram by posing next to his red Ferrari, although the shades of purple weren’t that visible on the couple of pictures he uploaded on Instagram. A few days later The Biebes posted a nearly naked selfie of himself, in which the purple is quite visible. The 21 year old singer is posing for the picture almost naked by wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. He captioned the selfie “Back in the gym” and a day later he uploaded another similar photo from the very same half naked set of selfies. Bieber and his representatives still haven’t revealed why the pop singer decided to undergo such a drastic change in his style and why he opted for this shade of purple. The Canadian celeb has been trying to clean up his image with his new album, Purpose, but we’re still finding it hard to believe that there’s some hope for Bieber.

Of course, 54.6 million followers on Instagram will probably disagree with us, but there is a reason (or more likely tons of reasons) why everybody just loves hating Justin Bieber so much!


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