Did You Know That Justin Bieber Escaped Charges After Being Alleged Of Spitting On A…


The young Canadian-born pop star, who is also a resident of an exclusive gated community in Calabasas, California, hasn’t really gained a good reputation among his neighbors. Bieber has been accused quite a few times of reckless driving. The ‘Boyfriend’ singer and a Ferrari owner is well-known for his love of sports cars but, apparently, that has created a lot of trouble for him.


In March, 2013 it was reported that a neighbor confronted Bieber regarding his crazy driving around the gated neighborhood which resulted in Bieber, allegedly, throwing the man out of his property, spitting on him and uttering death threats.


Recently, it was revealed that the charges against the young star have been dropped and the case had been dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Former National Football League star Eric Dickinson and Bieber’s neighbor has shared with the media that the singer’s way of driving has improved significantly in the course of the last two months.


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