Did You Know That Justin Bieber Got Detained After Insulting A Female…


Justin Bieber’s disturbing actions doesn’t seem to be coming to an end. Allegedly, the pop singer was close to being arrested after insulting a female customs officer.

Biebs and his entourage were detained by the authorities at an Australian airport under the suspicion of illegal substance possession. When asked to remove his sunglasses and hat during an inspection Bieber not only refused but also insulted one of the female officers. The ‘Baby’ singer was detained for two hours but no charges were pressed against him upon release.

Bieber has strongly disappointed his fans with his reckless behavior during his Believe Tour. The 19-year-old Canadian spray-painted hotel walls in Brazil and Australia, which is against the law in both countries, arrived late for many of his concerts and generally committed various transgressions. All of that led to a significant drop in ticket sales for his Australian concerts and overall damage to his reputation. Allegedly, no one in Australia likes Justin Bieber anymore and according to rumors the country might be excluded from the pop singer’s future world tours.


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