Did you know that Justin Bieber got…


Justin Bieber just sported a new shocking hairdo – dreadlocks!

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Over these past several months Canada’s bad boy has seemingly stayed out of trouble, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t ended up in the headlines on daily basis. And this time he’s in the news not because of some legal troubles, but because of his hairstyle.

Back in late 2015 the entire Internet was thrown in shock when he decided to dye his hair in platinum blond. Earlier this year everybody went crazy after Bieber went for something even more shocking – pastel purple. The 22 year old showed off his new hairdo on Instagram and after he went back to the blond shades for a while he decided to do something flagrant with his hair once again. Bieber sported medium length dreadlocks during his performance at the iHeartRadio Awards earlier this April as he took the stage as part of the opening acts for the ceremony. A few hours before turning up at the event the pop singer teased his followers on Instagram with the dreadlock hairstyle, but didn’t say when he got them done or how long he’ll be keeping them. The star went through several wardrobe changes during the ceremony, but didn’t untangle his dreadlocks. The lack of information about his new hairstyle made his fans question the possibility that Bieber didn’t had them done only for the iHeartRadio Awards and that he might actually keep them for a longer period of time.


During the ceremony the Canadian singer performed his new single Company, as well as his hit single Love Yourself. He was nominated in a total of five categories, one of which was for Male Artist of the Year, and earlier in 2016 Bieber managed to win his very first Grammy Award. It looks like he’s trying to clean up his completely ruined public image by focusing on his music career.


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