Did You Know That Justin Bieber Has Been Accused Of Attempted…


Justin Bieber seemed to have put a stop to his encounters with the police but according to a recent statement by the Los Angeles Police Department that is not so. The Canadian singer is currently being accused of attempted robbery. Reportedly, Bieber attempted to commit a robbery around 10.30 pm on Monday night. The ‘Boyfriend’ singer tried to steal from a person who is being interviewed by police about the alleged robbery attempt.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

So far the police have not charged Bieber as investigation is still going on. According to a police spokesperson the authorities assume it would be too early to question the singer as nothing has been proven yet. The alleged victim was a girl whose phone Bieber tried to take, most probably as it contained pictures of the singer. The Canadian star is scheduled to go on trial for DUI next month.


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