Did You Know That Justin Bieber Is Being Sued By A Paparazzo For….


Earlier this year a paparazzo filed a lawsuit against teen pop star Justin Bieber. According to the photographer, Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran, Bieber got into a scuffle with him last year in front of a movie theater in Calabasas, California. Allegedly, Bieber performed an unexpected martial arts-style kick in Duran’s stomach area before giving him a punch in the face.


The police investigated the case and it turned out Duran’s lawsuit had to be rejected in court. The medics found out that his injuries were superficial and the police officers, present during the supposed scuffle, never saw any beatings. Furthermore, other witnesses of the event reported that Duran kept taking pictures of Bieber and his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez even after they left the cinema. Nobody even saw the teen sensation kick or punch any paparazzi. Apart from Duran’s statement, there was no other evidence leading to the case.
However, Duran isn’t going to give up. After the authorities declined to charge Bieber, the paparazzo is still demanding amends for emotional distress caused by the singer.


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