Did You Know That Justin Bieber Spent Thousands Of Dollars To Have His Ferrari….


It is safe to say that Justin Bieber has a thing for expensive cars as he owns a private automobile park : his collection includes a black Range Rover, a Cadillac CTS-V, an Audi R8 and an incredible Fisker Karma which is probably the most fascinating among all his vehicles.


However, the young singer is also famous for his changeable taste. The Ferrari Italia 458 was white with custom blue breaks and badges when Bieber first bought it last year. Just several months after the purchase Justin decided to change the car’s color to ice blue. As he uses the expensive vehicle as an everyday  ride and often lends it to friends, the Ferrari went under serious repair after it was badly damaged by Bieber’s friend Lil’ Twist shortly after New Year.

Please note that the cars are just an example! Not JB’s car!

The now gloss black Ferrari with contrasting yellow badges is going to be a great ‘welcome home’ gift for the singer as he returns to his Californian home after his Southeast Asian tour.


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