Did you know that Justin Bieber tried to excuse the failing of his sobriety…


A recently leaked police report shows that there was more to the story of Justin Bieber’s infamous arrest from this January in Miami, Florida.


By the looks of it, the Biebs was not only a snotty little brat, but also too drunk to think clearly enough, because he gave the most ridiculous explanation to the cops. The leaked report claims that the 20 year old Canadian law-breaker told the police officers he failed to pass his sobriety tests because he had injured his foot while skateboarding in late 2013. The surprised officers got more from Bieber’s attitude once they asked him why he was acting so reckless and rebellious. He allegedly told them he was perfectly able to drive his Lamborghini, since he had been driving one ever since he became 15. Furthermore, the reports state that Bieber continued pecking at the cops.


Unfortunately, the Biebs won’t be locked away for the recent egging scandal with one of his neighbors, nor will he be deported from the US, since there’s no official word from the White House on the infamous deportation petition.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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