Did you know that Justin Bieber won’t take any pictures with…


Justin Bieber stated that he won’t take any pictures with fans on the streets anymore, because he feels as a “zoo animal”.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Bieber is making headlines again and once again it’s all for the wrong reasons.

Back in March the 22 year old Justin cancelled all of his Meet and Greet sessions for his Purpose World Tour, because he was feeling “unhappy and drained” by meeting up with his fans and living up to their expectations. It wasn’t clear if his fans would receive refunds for the expensive Meet and Greet tickets, but taking his fans’ money apparently isn’t the only way he’s disappointing tons of screaming teenage girls. Bieber went on a long rant earlier this May during which he stated that he won’t take pictures with fans anymore. It should come to no surprise that wherever Bieber he gets recognized and apparently, he hates being stopped on the street and asked to take a picture.


The singer’s rant claims that he’s done with taking snaps with fans wherever he goes and that his fans shouldn’t even bother asking him for it. The Biebs explained that he feels just like a “zoo animal” and that he “doesn’t owe anybody a picture”. Bieber’s rant also stated that fans shouldn’t bother trying cheap tricks like claiming they bought his album and that they love him, because buying Justin Bieber’s album and following him around apparently doesn’t bring anything else than wasted money and disappointment.

Needless to say that regardless of his attempts to clean up and re-build his tarnished reputation and undermined public image, cancelling the Meet and Greets and ranting about how he’s not going to take pictures with his fans anymore is definitely not the way to show the world that he’s changed and that he’s focusing on his career instead of getting himself in trouble.


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