Did You Know That Kanye West Blasted A Female Heckler And Had Her Removed…


Kanye West has been on a slippery slope recently considering his outrageous celebrity behavior and controversial public statements.


During his most recent concert Kanye reportedly had his security guards kick out an “annoying” heckling female fan. Kanye West was performing live in San Antonio, Texas on Sunday, the 8th of December.

While performing on stage the 36-year-old rapper was wearing a special custom made Maison Martin Margiela mask that covered his entire face. He later stated that he prefers wearing the mask so it protects him from unflattering and sometimes ridiculous photographs made by fans.


The alleged incident happened when a female fan was repeatedly shouting to Kanye to remove the mask from his face while he was performing some of his biggest hits. This obvious heckling made the rapper go out of his skin. After he made a hand gesture and pointed the screaming fan to his bodyguards, Kanye erupted angrily stating that he was the one and only Kanye West, not some kind of a comedian but a serious celebrity.



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