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Did you know that Kanye West called himself “the…


If Kanye West is famous for anything these days, it’s not for his music or for his wife Kim Kardashian, but for his absolutely horrifying rants. The guy rants on interviews, on the street, on his wedding, on concerts and now even at court.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

The 37 year old rapper attacked a paparazzo at LAX last July and when matters were taken to the court room, he couldn’t stop ranting even then. As he got into a verbal fight with the paparazzo’s lawyer, West ranted on and on about how much he’s struggling with being a celebrity in the spotlight and under the media’s scrutiny. Not only did he publicly stated that he’s allowed to do whatever and whenever he wants because of his millions, but he also told the lawyer that he’s the smartest celebrity.


Yes, that’s right, Kanye West declared himself as the smartest celebrity! And in order to explain his words better (and keep on ranting, obviously), he also told the lawyer he was not Britney Spears.  


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