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Did you know that Kanye West gave not one but two speeches at his wedding reception, and one of…


Over the past week the media has been swarming with reviews and articles about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding. The socialite and the rapper tied the knot earlier this May in a lavishing ceremony in Florence, Italy.


The wedding was stacked with a number of celebrities and they all got to enjoy not only one, but two speeches given by the groom. The first one reportedly lasted 20 minutes! That’s right, Kanye spoke for nearly half an hour. During his speech he got extremely heated over the way the spotlight and the media’s scrutiny defy the celebrities and that he and his surroundings were far from stupid. He also claimed that the world is his alter. During the extremely long speech the rapper mentioned that the Kardashians don’t let themselves be brought down by bad publicity and the media’s negativity.


His second speech was far shorter from his first one. He called his wife a piece of art and an ideal celebrity.


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